Conference Schedule

Friday, 23 August 2019

Time App Dev Cloud Native Automate & Deploy
7:45am Setup & Networking
8:15am Opening Remarks by Six Feet Up CTO Calvin Hendryx-Parker
8:30am Keynote by Paul Everitt: "Black Swans Python 2020 and Modern Web"
9:05am Kim Nguyen: Melding React With The Ultra Secure Plone Content Repository Peter Eijgermans: Monolith or Microservices: That Is The Question Pradeep Gowda: I Have A Web Framework, Now What?
9:55am Anthony Bosio: Secure workflow and permissions in large websites Peter Jausovec: Path to Resilient and Observable Microservices Andrej Kyselica: Streamline your Workflow With CI, CD, Testing and Monitoring Kyle Burns: Streamline your Workflow With CI, CD, Testing and Monitoring
10:45am Mercedes Wyss: Modern Identity Management Calvin Hendryx-Parker: Running the Plone CMS on AWS Dmitry Vinnik: Modern Web Testing: Going Beyond Selenium
11:35am Viral Parmar: JWT Authentication with Django James Alexander: Chalice, Zappa, and Serverless, Oh My! Chrissy Wainwright: Migrations Made Easy with Transmogrifier
12:30pm Panel Discussion: "Benefits of using Python for your startup"
1:20pm Calvin Hendryx-Parker: Workflow Management Using Finite State Machine in Django Nikola Novakovic: Demystifying Machine Learning JJ Asghar: Developing Applications with Kubernetes
2:10pm Rob Porter: I Want You To Become An Accessibility Superhero Luther Hill: Using APIs to Deliver AI/ML Services For Your Web App Megan Wilhite: Kitchen-Salt and Pytest: Easily Test Your Salt States
3:00pm Scott Woodall: Django Best Practices Zach Cardwell: Math Hacking Calvin Hendryx-Parker: Deployment Automation and Orchestration with SaltStack
3:50pm Lightning Talk
4:00pm Lightning Talk
4:10pm Lightning Talk
4:20pm Lightning Talk
4:30pm Lightning Talk
4:40pm Closing Remarks